Policy & Rules

Updated at 2018 Spring Board Meeting

Spring Meeting 2019 agenda included removing the "Exclusive Dual Membership" Rule for Gym's.  Starting with the 2019-2020 Season Athletes are not allowed to compete in another Association during the MAGA season, however Gyms may enroll in other association programs.  Adjustments were also made to focus Team Championships on Team performance.  Individual's Championships will highlight individual Athlete performances.

Spring Meeting 2018 agenda included updates to the MAGA Rules based on changes in the sport and Technology to manage the Registration and Statistics.

Spring Board Meeting 2016 agenda will discuss many topics relating to rules, policy and infractions that have been brought to the attention of the board this gymnastics season.  Rules and policies are built on from year to year.  If the policy on this page is dated prior to 2015 the rule is still current.  Amendments are discussed each fall and posted in the fall minutes.  It is the members responsibility to be current with rules and policy.   Mandatory attendance at the fall meeting will insure your knowledge of policy, rule changes & amendments.  

The Midwest Amateur Gymnastics Association, Inc. seeks to fulfill its purpose by organizing and sanctioning programs for girls and boys at all levels of age and ability at local, state, and regional levels. MAGA also seeks to promote its purpose by providing for the technical organization and development of specific guidelines, rules, and policies for competition and publish and disseminate the same information while providing an organizational structure to interpret and implement these guidelines rules and policies.

Membership in MAGA is available to any gymnastics club operating in Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota, or Iowa that agrees to comply with all membership requirements and pay any membership dues.

Please be sure you have access to a 2017-2019 NFHS Girls Gymnastics Rule Book for your club.
Use the following link if you need to purchase one: www.nfhs.org

MAGA Exceptions to NFHS Rules as of Fall 2014

  •  There is a 2.0 minimum score. Even if it is a void vault or routine, the gymnast receives a 2.0. 
    (MAGA Rules and Policies Section III-C,1b-Iand II)
  • For all age groups, a piece of plywood can be used under the spring board to mount on bars or beam
    (MAGA Rules and Policies Amendment added 1992)
  • A spring board may be placed on top of a panel mat for mounting on beam or bars not to exceed maximum total matting listed in the NFHS rule book.
    (MAGA Rules and Policies Amendment added 2012)
  • For all age groups, there is no low height requirement for the vaulting table as long as it is set where it can be locked-in correctly.
    (MAGA Rules and Policies Section III-C,1a-II)
  • For novice and children age groups, there is no low height requirement for the beam as long as it is set where it can be locked-in correctly. 
    (MAGA Rules and Policies Section III-C,1a-I)
  • Vault @ a 5.0 start value. Squat-on with or without hands, kick to handstand off.
    (MAGA Rules and Policies Amendment added 2005)

Friendly reminders:


  • A vaulting board, folded panel mat or mount trainer mat may be used for mounting on bars and beam. They can be placed on one or two 10 cm - 12 cm landing mats or one 20 cm (8 inch) landing mat. In addition, an up to 4" (10 cm) skill cushion or sting mat may be used. 
    (NFHS Rule 7 and 8, Art. 3a)
  • The board/folded panel mat/mount trainer mat/plywood (ok in MAGA) must be removed as soon as possible after the gymnast has mounted.
    (NFHS Rule 7 and 8, Art. 3e)